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Construction Services

During the Construction Phase process, communication with the Project Team is vital.  At this stage, procedures and systems are put in place ensuring project milestones and budgets are met.

The Construction Process includes the following:

Project Manager establishes team communication and ensures project timetables are maintained.

  • Subcontractor Analysis and Selection
  • Site Superintendent mobilized on-site to install necessary safety measures, obtain permits and ensure all city, local and state requirements are addressed.

Construction Phase responsibilities include:

  • Record of daily activities.
  • Subcontractor management and control.
  • Coordination of on-site work to minimize and or eliminate interruptions to ongoing operations.
  • Quality Control
  • Safety Management
  • Collection, review and approval of pay requests from subcontractors to owner and architect for approval.
  • Coordination of subcontractor payments.

Project Closeout process includes:

  • Obtain final lien waivers from subcontractors¬† at completion of project.
  • Obtain warranties, guarantees, as-built drawings, operation manuals, wiring diagrams and all other relevant data for clients files.
  • Attic stock of materials inventoried and delivered.
  • Final plan storage for 7 years in Selzer-Ornst fireproof vault.
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