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We serve a diverse market base with a firm presence in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. Understanding that each client and project is unique we streamline our services and staff to accommodate each market’s diversity.

  • Commercial

  • Financial

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Civic

  • Public & Municipal

  • Hospitality

  • Healthcare


Throughout the plan development process, we actively review designs providing feedback on the feasibility of construction, the availability of materials and labor, procurement, timeline, and the installation and construction of materials with recommendations on alternate cost savings designs and material options.

The Preconstruction Process involves the following:

  • Cost evaluation of preliminary plans

  • Constructability

  • Life cycle analysis

  • Preliminary project scheduling

  • Materials/equipment purchases requiring long lead time procurement

  • Subcontractor prequalification and establish bidding schedules

  • Assist in obtaining building permits, approvals and special permits

  • Conduct pre-bid conference with Architect and prospective bidders, clarify project requirements and bid process

  • Preparation of spreadsheet comparing bids for review with Owner

  • Coordination of 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Purchases


We understand the key to a successful project is delivering a final product on time and within budget. Our construction services include personal supervision by a dedicated project team to provide effective communication to the project team will ensuring milestones and budgets at met.


Specific services include:

Project Manager Communication:

  • Establish and drive all necessary communication

  • Maintain project timeline and ensure key milestones are met

  • Subcontractor analysis and selection

  • Site Superintendent mobilized on-site to install necessary safety measures, obtain permits and ensure all city, local and state requirements are addressed

Construction Phase responsibilities include:

  • Record of daily activities

  • Subcontractor management and control

  • Coordination of on-site work to minimize and or eliminate interruptions to ongoing operations

  • Quality Control

  • Safety Management

  • Collection, review and approval of pay requests from subcontractors to owner and architect for approval

  • Coordination of subcontractor payment

Project Closeout process includes:

  • Obtain final lien waivers from subcontractors  at completion of project

  • Obtain warranties, guarantees, as-built drawings, operation manuals, wiring diagrams and all other relevant data for clients files

  • Attic stock of materials inventoried and delivered

  • Final plan storage for 7 years in Selzer-Ornst fireproof vault


We don’t stop after construction. We understand critical issues may arise when the building becomes operational and are prepared to continue to provide construction and maintenances services throughout occupancy.

Post Occupancy solutions may include:

  • Warranty documentation

  • Information technology

  • Specialty equipment installation

  • Furniture and furnishings

  • Security system installations



We provide value engineering by working closely with the architect and owner during pre-construction through project completion to thoroughly analyze the project and identify additional solution that may result in cost savings or a greater life cycle.  

  • Selection of materials and construction systems are closely examined.

  • Evaluation of costs and benefits are equated

  • Life cycle costs are determined

  • Understanding of the construction sequence is perfected, offering time savings on the project

  • Results provide an increase in return on investment and value for the client.

  • Effective decisions lead to securing high quality products and systems

  • Building team is focused on the essential needs and functions, as well as desired objectives


We are committed to providing sustainable construction practices and participates with the USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program for sustainable building.

We support our customers by:

  • Providing LEED conforming products for “green building”

  • Assisting with calculations and documentation required for LEED material certification points

  • Employing LEED certified personnel to systematically identify opportunities for sustainability as they relate to each project

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Solar Panel Installation
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